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Devops Engineer - Full Remote
Enry’s Island - Product

Enry’s Island is the first incubator and accelerator in Italy (Crunchbase, September 2021), with a distributed team of over 50 professionals and 25 startups in the world, in highly innovative sectors.    

Enry’s Island has a deep vocation in the research and development of new trends and technologies and today works on verticals such as metaverse, videogames, blockchain, VR and lifescience.    

Enry’s Island hiring for a Devops Engineer with 3/4 years of experience. 

Roles and responsibilities

  • Build, maintain and improve CI/CD pipelines in line with company strategies
  • Automate infrastructure and configuration as much as possible
  • Maintain and build resilient and high available infrastructures
  • Build, maintain and improve IaC
  • Help in testing pipelines and automation
  • Maintain and improve monitoring systems
  • Work in an agile way providing visibility to work and outcomes

Required Experience

  • Strong knowledge and experience of Linux OS
  • Extensive understanding of Infrastructure automation concepts and best practices
  • Experience with different deployment strategies such as red/green, canary, shadow, to ensure stability during the process of adding features
  • Solid understanding of CI/CD pipelines with tools such as Gitlab CI/CD
  • Strong experience on cloud platforms (GCP mandatory, AWS optional) and ability to work and understand and support different types of architectures (Event-driven, Monolith, Microservices)
  • Strong experience with proxy, load balancing, networking going through each layer of the ISO/OSI stack
  • Solid hands on experience of container and orchestration technologies (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Knowledge working with message brokers such as RabbitMQ
  • Understanding of in-mem data structure store/cache systems such as Redis
  • Hands-on knowledges of monitoring and analytical systems such as Grafana/Prometheus/Loki stack or ELK
  • Understanding of security best practices
  • Good understanding of database technologies (Relational and NoSQL)

Working mode: full-remote, tramite suite Saas, Daas

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