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19/07/2024 10:47
Activities: Product
Asset: Commitment

demo mail testing

19/07/2024 09:47
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Catch the smart working trend and receive bookings all year round! 

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17/07/2024 09:18
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

HUI is pleased to announce the closing of a €25 million equity capital commitment from Nimbus Capital, a Panama-based fund. This investment will further fuel HUI’s growth as the VC 3.0 Super App, utilized by thousands of entrepreneurs, startups, and investors for its unique market features.

HUI is a unique Super App, with an impressive code base of over 1.2M lines of code, more than 20 apps covering all business functions and processes—from sales to HR, fundraising to project management, intelligence to crowdfunding—all in a single environment. It requires no coding skills to operate via API with external services, specifically designed for every stakeholder on the global VC scene,” explains Luigi Valerio Rinaldi, founder of HUI and Chairman of Enry’s Island SpA.

HUI’s data-driven approach sets it apart from aggregators like Crunchbase, DealRoom, and PitchBook. Unlike these platforms, HUI does not rely on crawlers for data. Instead, it boasts a comprehensive database and data model, with AI functionalities being developed to offer significant value in recommendations and predictions.

“The data-driven approach and upcoming blockchain and AI features set for Q3 compelled us to invest in HUI,” says Robert J. Baker, Managing Partner at Nimbus Capital. “Nimbus is dedicated to identifying future unicorns and addressing the advanced needs of the global VC landscape. HUI perfectly aligns with our vision.”

The €25 million equity commitment is part of HUI’s traction plan, following a €300k seed round and a commercial partnership with one of the more renowned international IT system integrators. With an increasing number of VC ecosystems adopting HUI, and in preparation for a listing on a European Stock Exchange, supported by a major consulting firm, HUI aims to be the world’s first listed VC 3.0 all-in-one platform.

This investment will significantly accelerate HUI’s product strategy, enhancing its use of AI, Blockchain, and 3.0 features like Metaverse and Gaming. HUI will also expand its marketing and sales activities across markets in the US, Latam, Africa, and the Far East.

The capital commitment also brings Luigi V. Rinaldi on board as a Venture Partner at Nimbus, leveraging his 20 years of VC experience to enhance Nimbus’s financial and technological leadership. 

“I am thrilled with the deep harmony and shared vision with Nimbus and its founder, Robert. This partnership will significantly impact the global VC scene,” adds Luigi Valerio Rinaldi.

12/07/2024 11:17
Activities: Product
Asset: Connection

14+ apps to all business functions and processes, from sales to HR, fundraising to project management, intelligence to crowdfunding, all in a single environment.

7+ apps to increase social engagement, messaging with other users, and use the marketplace to sell products and services.

Read what Giovanni writes about the HUI experience!

11/07/2024 15:30
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Discover the beauty of doing it from a fabulous place in the world’s coolest locations, surrounded by nature.

Live a unique Smart working experience.

Join Rinascimento 5

11/07/2024 14:56
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

"BOS5 is an innovative startup created to support small and medium-sized Italian companies during their expansion phase into foreign markets. The internationalization process requires expensive resources and costs. The solution is therefore a platform capable of breaking down cultural and linguistic barriers and facilitate business relationships. BOS5 has integrated 4 technologies in a single platform to increase business in a safe and fast way: Blockchain, Metaverse, AI- Artificial Intelligence, AR- Augmented Reality." Salvatore Fiorenza - CEO of BOS5

Discover the campaign here:

05/07/2024 11:26
Activities: Market
Asset: Capital

Catch the digital nomad trend and get bookings from new customers.

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05/07/2024 11:02
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Connection

 The wrong choice can lead to conflicts, while the right choice can lead to exponential growth. In this article, we will explore various channels and strategies to find the perfect co-founder.

1. Personal and Professional Network The first step is to look within your own network. Colleagues, friends, and acquaintances can be potential co-founders. Here’s why:

  • Mutual Knowledge: You already know their skills and work style.
  • Trust: Mutual trust is fundamental for a successful partnership.

2. Networking Events and Meetups Attending networking events and meetups can be extremely effective:

3. Online Platforms There are several online platforms where you can look for co-founders like LinkedIn for example.

4. Hackathons and Competitions Participating in hackathons can help you find people to collaborate with.

5. Universities and Business Schools Universities are great places to find co-founders:

  • Collaborations with Students: Many universities have entrepreneurship centres and offer programs where students can meet co-founders.
  • University Events: Attend events and competitions organised by universities.

6. Online Communities and Forums Online forums and communities can be useful, for example Reddit.

Finding the ideal co-founder takes time and effort, but by using a combination of the strategies listed above, you will significantly increase your chances of success. You can also access in HUI e search for your co-founder with our Apps. Write us to discover more.

05/07/2024 09:41
Activities: Market
Asset: Creation

Here there are five common mistakes a startup should avoid during this phase: 

Lack of understanding of the target market: not having a clear definition of the target audience and their needs.  

Incorrect product/market evaluation: launching a product that does not genuinely meet a need or solve a problem for customers.  

Inadeguate pricing strategy: setting prices too high or too low without a well-defined strategy.  

Insufficient marketing and distribution planning: not having a clear and detailed marketing and distribution plan.  

02/07/2024 17:00
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Scopri la campagna Crowdfunding di BOS5. 

BOS5, la startup innovativa che punta a rivoluzionare tutta la filiera dell’import ed export. 

Più investi, più premi di quote aggiuntive ottieni. 

Investi ora... 

28/06/2024 15:14
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Commitment

Boost your team’s morale and productivity with unique and exciting team-building activities in beautiful villages around the world.

Explore the top-rated Team Building experiences!

Contact us!

28/06/2024 11:07
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Say goodbye to frustration and wasted time. Our exclusive and curated list of investors is the key to unlocking your startup’s full potential 

As a founder, you know how crucial securing the right investors is to propel your startup forward. Our curated list of investor contacts gives you a competitive edge by providing direct access to some of the most reputable, supportive (and active!) investors in the industry.This is what you get: 

  • Access to a curated list of investors
  • Their LinkedIn and direct email (!)
  • Save time and effort in investor research
  • Increase your chances of securing funding for your startup
  • Gain insights into each investor’s preferences and investment focus
  • One free month of our App Fundraiser

If you’re an early-stage founder raising capital, this is a must-have! 

Register here for free and create your island. You will have your list directly in HUI 

27/06/2024 09:27
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Freedom of speech and diversity in input and output is a fundamental right for each of us.

In 2018, Enry’s Island S.p.A drafted its 13-point manifesto (Enry’s Manifesto™), which is also consistent with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We are grateful to many “Tech Heroes” who fight daily for basic rights and Enry is the first to do so and promotes respect, no barriers and transparency especially in its own ecosystem.

26/06/2024 17:43
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Sei una azienda che vuole esportare i propri prodotti all’estero? 

Entra in BOS5 e potrai avere una lista di 400 importatori esteri operanti da oltre 20 paesi ed accesso gratuito e sconti nell’utilizzo della piattaforma. 

Scopri di più.

24/06/2024 18:16
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Incrementare il business e scoprire nuovi mercati, incontra nuovi clienti in stand aziendali all’interno del Metaverse, offrendo una visione innovativa che supera il contesto digitale tradizionale e gestisci scambio di informazioni e rapporto con i tuoi clienti in maniera efficiente. Leggi l’articolo e richiedici una demo su  

Fai decollare il business della tua Azienda con BOS5

20/06/2024 16:27
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Le sue funzionalità lo rendono un motore di crescita per ogni attività per favorire l’internalizzazione di prodotti e raggiungere nuovi mercati.  

In BOS5 sono integrate 4 tecnologie in unica piattaforma per aumentare il business in modo sicuro e veloce: Blockchain, Metaverse, AI- Intelligenza Artificiale, AR- Realtà Aumentata.

Guarda il video di presentazione e richiedi una demo ----> 

20/06/2024 15:36
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

The Solitary Journey of a Startup Founder: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities 

Embarking on the path of a startup founder is an extraordinary adventure, full of rewards and opportunities. However, behind the excitement and innovation, there often lies a less visible but equally significant reality: loneliness.

 The Hidden Side of Entrepreneurship Being a founder means taking on immense responsibilities, making crucial decisions, and facing daily challenges that can seem insurmountable. Often, these responsibilities fall solely on the founder’s shoulders, creating a sense of isolation that can be difficult to manage.

The Pressure to Always Be at Your Best From securing funding to managing the team, every aspect of the startup depends on your leadership. The pressure to always be at your best, combined with the need to maintain a positive and motivating attitude for the team, can heighten the feeling of loneliness.

The Importance of Community Participating in networking events, joining startup communities, and getting involved with accelerators or incubators can create a supportive and collaborative environment. Don’t underestimate the power of community: a piece of advice or a word of encouragement can have a substantial impact.

 The Support Network: A Lifeline Despite everything, it’s essential to remember that you are not alone. Building a support network, consisting of mentors, other entrepreneurs, and industry professionals, can make a significant difference. Sharing experiences, challenges, and successes with those who understand your difficulties can alleviate the burden of loneliness and offer new perspectives. Using HUI, you can connect with thousands of founders like you, confronting them and maybe having new business opportunities. Register here for free

 Finding the Right Balance Finally, remember to take care of yourself. Mental and emotional well-being is crucial to your ability to successfully lead your startup. Dedicate time to activities that rejuvenate you and strive to maintain a balance between professional and personal life.

Being a startup founder is a solitary journey, but with the right support network and a strong community, you can transform this loneliness into a source of strength and resilience. Sharing your experiences can also inspire others who are facing the same challenges.

Let’s Connect and Support Each Other! 

19/06/2024 15:34
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Be part of the Rinascimento 5! Our international community is looking for new evocative locations to discover!


19/06/2024 15:20
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

These startups are typically characterized by rapid growth, technological innovation, and a scalable business model. Examples of unicorns include companies like Uber, Airbnb, SpaceX, and Stripe. Their valuation is often based on future profit and growth expectations rather than current earnings.

The top key factors contributing to achieving unicorn status include:

  • Technological Innovation: Offering an innovative product or service that solves significant problems or creates new markets.
  • Scalable Market: Operating in a market that allows for rapid expansion and growth.
  • Excellent Fundraising: Having access to funding from venture capitalists, mentors, accelerators, and an influential network of contacts.
  • Robust Business Model: A business model that promises sustainable and profitable growth.
  • Strong Team: A team of talented founders and employees with the experience and ability to execute the company’s vision.

Achieving unicorn status is considered a significant milestone in the startup world, as it indicates high potential for success and strong investor confidence in the company’s future.

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., we will support you on all the necessary activities to scale your business, through best practices, patented methodologies, using a holistic 3-layer framework for stunning success.

17/06/2024 16:39
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

"BOS5 è una startup innovativa nata per supportare le piccole e medie imprese italiane durante la loro fase di espansione nei mercati esteri. Il processo d’internazionalizzazione – se compiuto in autonomia – richiede risorse e costi difficilmente sostenibili da queste realtà: la soluzione è dunque una piattaforma capace di abbattere barriere culturali e linguistiche e facilitare le relazioni commerciali." Salvatore Fiorenza - CEO di BOS5

 Scopri tutti i vantaggi che la piattaforma BOS5 offre ai suoi stakeholder e investi nella campagna live sul portale Opstart.



13/06/2024 17:06
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Investire in BOS5 rappresenta un’opportunità strategica: la richiesta di prodotti italiani nel Mondo, rende il sistema operativo BOS5 una prospettiva attraente per tutte le aziende interessate all’esportazione e all’innovazione digitale. Scopri tutti i dettagli della campagna cliccando sul link. Vuoi più informazioni su Bos5: visita e contattaci per avere una demo della piattaforma.




13/06/2024 12:14
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Concept

In the current climate, investors are cautious and focus more on traction than on rapid growth when evaluating investment opportunities. 

How to get investors’ attention:  

Engage Early Adopters: identify and engage with early adopters or potential customers who resonate with your product’s value proposition. Collect feedback and testimonials from them to show that there is interest and demand for your solution. 

Focus on User Metrics: Even if you’re not generating revenue yet, track user engagement metrics such as active users, time spent on your platform, or repeat usage. Highlight any positive trends that suggest people find value in your product  

Create pre-sign ups and waitlists: If applicable, create a waitlist of subscribers who express interest in your product. This demonstrates demand and helps validate your idea and vision  

Partnerships: if you’ve established any strategic partnerships, collaborations, or alliances, highlight these in your pitch. Partnerships with established companies or organizations can lend credibility to your startup. 

Showcase Team Strength: Highlight the experience and skills of your team members. Investors are often interested in the expertise of the team driving the startup’s success. 

Market Research and Validation: Present data and insights from market research that demonstrates the market need for your solution. Include information about your target audience, their pain points, and your unique value proposition. 

Early Media Coverage or Recognition: If your startup has received positive media coverage, awards, or recognition from relevant industry bodies, include this information in your pitch. It can add credibility to your venture. 

Social Proof: If any thought leader or industry experts have shown interest in or endorsed your startup, mention it. Social proof can help build investor confidence. 

Clear Go-to-Market Strategy: Outline your plans for reaching your target audience and acquiring customers. Investors want to see that you have a plan for effectively and efficiently reaching potential users. This is particularly important at pre-revenue stage when confidence and trust are built on the team and how they built their plans.

Give your startup visibility, use HUI to manage your business and reach new investors.


13/06/2024 11:35
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

 Here are the top reasons to do It:

New Investors: Gain access to a large audience and showcase your idea to raise capital during the early stages of your business.

Less Risk, More Operational Flexibility: Enjoy greater operational and managerial discretion compared to professional investors who often exert significant influence over strategic and operational decisions.

Investor-Clients: Investors can become your first product users, providing rewards such as discounts or limited-time free use of the product, while directly engaging with them.

Simplicity and Limited Costs: Launching a crowdfunding campaign and successfully raising funds involves a limited investment of material, monetary, and time resources. It’s not free or easy to achieve success, but the standardized investment procedures save significant time and money for both parties.

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., we will support you on all the necessary activities to scale your business, through best practices, patented methodologies, using a holistic 3-layer framework for stunning success.


13/06/2024 10:59
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Would you like to take full advantage of its potential? 

Join Rinascimento 5 and get year-round bookings by smart-workers and digital nomads.

10/06/2024 18:24
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

BOS5 è la soluzione avanzata B2B dedicata alle aziende per superare le sfide globali: la sua capacità di favorire l’incontro tra domanda estera e offerta nazionale, mediante strumenti digitali avanzati, risponde alla crescente richiesta di internazionale di prodotti italiani. 

Scopri tutti i dettagli della campagna Crowdfunding!

07/06/2024 11:47
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Its countless benefits we all know by now but working from home in the long term could become stressful and overwhelming.

Discover the beauty of doing it from a fabulous place from the world’s coolest locations, surrounded by nature or the scenery.

Join Rinascimento 5.

07/06/2024 11:29
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Whether you’re... in your home office, co-working, or at the beach...

An integrated platform with 14 apps to manage your business and 7 apps to create engagement with the World’s top innovation players.

Read what Fabrizio tells about the HUI experience 

07/06/2024 11:11
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Creation

Read here the top 5 reasons why it may be the right choice!

Limited responsibility: one of the main advantages of forming a corporation is the separation of personal assets from those of the business.

Access to capital: forming a corporation can make it easier to raise funds for your business.

Easier transfer of ownership: incorporated businesses can more easily change ownership or add co-owners because the corporate structure allows the issuance of shares

Tax advantages: incorporation of a corporation can allow more favorable tax treatment of business profits.

Strategic growth: incorporation of a company offers the opportunity to establish partnerships and joint ventures that might be out of reach for companies proprietorships or partnerships.

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., we will support you on all the necessary activities to scale your business, through best practices, patented methodologies, using a holistic 3-layer framework for stunning success.

31/05/2024 11:10
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

We’ll give you 1 free month of HUI ( no obligation to renew) and access to the Fundraiser app where you’ll find a list of investors with certified emails for your industry.

Write us the name of your startup and your email, we take care of the rest.

We’ll create your Island and send you the link to access directly on your HUI Island to work with us!