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13/06/2024 17:06
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Investire in BOS5 rappresenta un’opportunità strategica: la richiesta di prodotti italiani nel Mondo, rende il sistema operativo BOS5 una prospettiva attraente per tutte le aziende interessate all’esportazione e all’innovazione digitale. Scopri tutti i dettagli della campagna cliccando sul link. Vuoi più informazioni su Bos5: visita e contattaci per avere una demo della piattaforma.




13/06/2024 12:14
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Concept

In the current climate, investors are cautious and focus more on traction than on rapid growth when evaluating investment opportunities. 

How to get investors’ attention:  

Engage Early Adopters: identify and engage with early adopters or potential customers who resonate with your product’s value proposition. Collect feedback and testimonials from them to show that there is interest and demand for your solution. 

Focus on User Metrics: Even if you’re not generating revenue yet, track user engagement metrics such as active users, time spent on your platform, or repeat usage. Highlight any positive trends that suggest people find value in your product  

Create pre-sign ups and waitlists: If applicable, create a waitlist of subscribers who express interest in your product. This demonstrates demand and helps validate your idea and vision  

Partnerships: if you’ve established any strategic partnerships, collaborations, or alliances, highlight these in your pitch. Partnerships with established companies or organizations can lend credibility to your startup. 

Showcase Team Strength: Highlight the experience and skills of your team members. Investors are often interested in the expertise of the team driving the startup’s success. 

Market Research and Validation: Present data and insights from market research that demonstrates the market need for your solution. Include information about your target audience, their pain points, and your unique value proposition. 

Early Media Coverage or Recognition: If your startup has received positive media coverage, awards, or recognition from relevant industry bodies, include this information in your pitch. It can add credibility to your venture. 

Social Proof: If any thought leader or industry experts have shown interest in or endorsed your startup, mention it. Social proof can help build investor confidence. 

Clear Go-to-Market Strategy: Outline your plans for reaching your target audience and acquiring customers. Investors want to see that you have a plan for effectively and efficiently reaching potential users. This is particularly important at pre-revenue stage when confidence and trust are built on the team and how they built their plans.

Give your startup visibility, use HUI to manage your business and reach new investors.


13/06/2024 11:35
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

 Here are the top reasons to do It:

New Investors: Gain access to a large audience and showcase your idea to raise capital during the early stages of your business.

Less Risk, More Operational Flexibility: Enjoy greater operational and managerial discretion compared to professional investors who often exert significant influence over strategic and operational decisions.

Investor-Clients: Investors can become your first product users, providing rewards such as discounts or limited-time free use of the product, while directly engaging with them.

Simplicity and Limited Costs: Launching a crowdfunding campaign and successfully raising funds involves a limited investment of material, monetary, and time resources. It’s not free or easy to achieve success, but the standardized investment procedures save significant time and money for both parties.

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., we will support you on all the necessary activities to scale your business, through best practices, patented methodologies, using a holistic 3-layer framework for stunning success.


13/06/2024 10:59
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Would you like to take full advantage of its potential? 

Join Rinascimento 5 and get year-round bookings by smart-workers and digital nomads.

11/06/2024 13:24
Activities: Product
Asset: Concept

@Daniele @Givoanni

please let us know from where this concept dropdown list is coming. i have added attachment also please check.



10/06/2024 18:24
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

BOS5 è la soluzione avanzata B2B dedicata alle aziende per superare le sfide globali: la sua capacità di favorire l’incontro tra domanda estera e offerta nazionale, mediante strumenti digitali avanzati, risponde alla crescente richiesta di internazionale di prodotti italiani. 

Scopri tutti i dettagli della campagna Crowdfunding!

07/06/2024 11:47
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Its countless benefits we all know by now but working from home in the long term could become stressful and overwhelming.

Discover the beauty of doing it from a fabulous place from the world’s coolest locations, surrounded by nature or the scenery.

Join Rinascimento 5.

07/06/2024 11:29
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Whether you’re... in your home office, co-working, or at the beach...

An integrated platform with 14 apps to manage your business and 7 apps to create engagement with the World’s top innovation players.

Read what Fabrizio tells about the HUI experience 

07/06/2024 11:11
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Creation

Read here the top 5 reasons why it may be the right choice!

Limited responsibility: one of the main advantages of forming a corporation is the separation of personal assets from those of the business.

Access to capital: forming a corporation can make it easier to raise funds for your business.

Easier transfer of ownership: incorporated businesses can more easily change ownership or add co-owners because the corporate structure allows the issuance of shares

Tax advantages: incorporation of a corporation can allow more favorable tax treatment of business profits.

Strategic growth: incorporation of a company offers the opportunity to establish partnerships and joint ventures that might be out of reach for companies proprietorships or partnerships.

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., we will support you on all the necessary activities to scale your business, through best practices, patented methodologies, using a holistic 3-layer framework for stunning success.

31/05/2024 11:10
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

We’ll give you 1 free month of HUI ( no obligation to renew) and access to the Fundraiser app where you’ll find a list of investors with certified emails for your industry.

Write us the name of your startup and your email, we take care of the rest.

We’ll create your Island and send you the link to access directly on your HUI Island to work with us!

31/05/2024 10:43
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Competence

How to manage your business in liquid modernity? Find out new methodologies, learn new management tools, discover practical advice. In Enry’s Theory® you will find everything you need to turn your startup into the next unicorn. 

Don’t miss the definitive handbook of business management, written by Luigi Valerio Rinaldi and published by McGraw Hill.

You can find it in the best bookstores, on Amazon and in the main online bookstores!

24/05/2024 11:55
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Creation

Seeking investment for your business can be a daunting task, but finding the right investor is key to your company’s success. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the process:

  • Define Your Needs: Before beginning your search, be clear about what you need from an investor. Are you looking for financial backing, strategic guidance, or industry connections? Understanding your priorities will help you narrow down your options.
  • Research: Take the time to research potential investors thoroughly. Look for individuals or firms that have experience in your industry and a track record of successful investments. Consider reaching out to entrepreneurs in your network for recommendations.
  • Network: Networking is essential in the world of investment. Attend industry events, join networking groups, and leverage online platforms like LinkedIn to connect with potential investors. Building relationships with investors takes time, so start early and be persistent.
  • Be Prepared: When pitching to investors, be prepared to clearly articulate your business plan, financial projections, and growth strategy. Investors want to see that you have a solid understanding of your market and a clear path to success.
  • Consider Alignment: Look for investors who share your vision and values. A good investor should not only bring capital to the table but also be a strategic partner who can help you achieve your goals.

 Remember, finding the right investor is about more than just securing funding—it’s about finding a partner who can help you grow your business and achieve your long-term objectives.

24/05/2024 11:46
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

To ensure you create email campaigns matching the parameters set by the GDPR, you need to build each campaign by following a few simple rules. 

Specifically, each email must include seven key elements: 

  • Company logo - The company logo, along with the name, allows the recipient to visually identify the sender of the email. 
  • Sender’s identifying informations - Informations identifying the sender’s company (address, phone number, email address and website) must be accurate and up-to-date (anonymous or obscured email address is not allowed). 
  • Description of the business and/or the Company - The recipient should understand who the company is and what it does; also, it is appropriate, especially in "cold emails", to specify the reason of the contact. 
  • Description of product and/or service - The email should briefly present the product or service you want to bring to the recipient’s attention. 
  • Link to homepage and/or product/service detail page - The recipient should be able to drill down to the product or service informations. 
  • Privacy policy - The privacy policy should explain to the recipient how their informations are processed and what their rights are. 
  • Link to unsubscribe from mailing list - Recipients should have the option to unsubscribe from the email list at any time (stop receiving communications); in addition to being indicated by the GDPR, this is a good practice to avoid spam reports that compromise the reputation of the IP address used for email campaigns. 

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., we will support you on all the necessary activities to scale your business, through best practices, patented methodologies, using a holistic 3-layer framework for stunning success.

17/05/2024 11:10
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Connection

Boost your team’s performance with powerful project planning & management tools

Schedule and monitor each activity

Monitor team performance with business Intelligence and reporting tools

Read what David writes about the HUI experience 

17/05/2024 10:44
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Discover funding stages:

FFF (Friends, Family, and Fools):

When you put your savings on the line and involve friends and family. These initial funds (often not exceeding €150K) allow you to develop the initial idea and a prototype.


With a budget up to €1M, the Pre-Seed stage lets you launch your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) into the market. It’s time to validate your idea with first angel investors and institutional investors.


With investments up to €5M, it’s time to consolidate the MVP, acquire the first customers, and demonstrate product-market fit.

Series A:

Between €5M and €10M to help your startup take off. You’re in the scale-up phase, adding features to the product and exploring new markets.

Series B & Beyond:

You’re a major player now, ready to expand your team and consolidate new products. Reach new markets and start thinking about a possible IPO.


Thinking about an IPO, or want to sell your startup to a competitor, or go for an acqui-hiring? This is the ultimate goal of your hard work.

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., we will support you on all the necessary activities to scale your business, through best practices, patented methodologies, using a holistic 3-layer framework for stunning success.

10/05/2024 14:55
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Commitment

The Metaverse is an ideal environment to facilitate meaningful team-building activities because it encourages communication and problem-solving

Contact us to discover the best solutions for your company

10/05/2024 09:34
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Connection

What is E.B.I.T.D.A.? It’s a financial metric commonly used to evaluate a company’s operating performance and financial health.

E.B.I.T.D.A. stands for Earning Before Interest Tax Depreciation Amortization.

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., we will support you on all the necessary activities to scale your business, through best practices, patented methodologies, using a holistic 3-layer framework for stunning success.

03/05/2024 12:58
Activities: Market
Asset: Commitment

Temporarily. Until you have one.

Joint Venture (JV) partnerships are one of the most neglected yet potentially game changing media strategies for your startup.

Some founders don’t know how to get started and what organisations they could reach out to.

ChatGPT can help you.

The output won’t be a comprehensive JV partnerships strategy but it can be a good starting point to start building some key relationships for the founders.

We tried several prompts and the below formula gave us the strongest results.

You are essentially asking ChatGPT to act as your VP of Partnerships and come up with a list of prospective JV partners. And why they are a potential good fit.

Prompt formula:

"You are the VP of partnerships for a startup in {your sector / industry} in the UK. The startup is building a platform to {problem you are solving for your customers / clients}. Can you please come up with a list of potential partners to reach out to to develop Joint Venture Partnerships that can help the startup generate traction and revenue but also develop strategic relationships for the business?

We need at least 10 potential partners and the reasoning why they represent a good fit for the business and what’s the strategy behind each prospective relationship. Please include an example of name of organisation for each prospect area. Thanks"

03/05/2024 09:48
Activities: Product
Asset: Creation

"The minimum viable product is the version of a new product that allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated customer insights with the least possible effort." Eric Ries

Being able to plan a Product Strategy is critical to gain insight into how the product will achieve key goals throughout its life cycle and that of your startup.

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., the World’s First and Only Venture Builder listed on a Stock Exchange, discover our best practices and patented methodologies which will help your Startup scale, becoming the next Unicorn.

12/04/2024 11:13
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Connection

Join HUI, the cool community in Innovation.

You can use HUI like a your startup’s blog, telling about your business, about you and your amazing team.

Make new friends and build relationships with professionals and investors.

Learn more on

10/04/2024 14:42
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

You can grow your startup even with a limited budget and a lot of commitment and creativity.

Here some tips:

  1. Don’t be satisfied with banal posts. Create viral content that tells your story in an engaging way. Arouse curiosity and invite your audience to interact with funny memes, videos or attention-grabbing interactive content.
  2. Send interesting and non-trivial DEM (direct email marketing). Segment your audience well according to interests, behaviour and demographics and create interesting Call to Action that proposes offers and incentivises action with targeted offers.
  3. Follow current trends. Adapt your strategy in real time to current trends and events to grab more audience in a timely and relevant way.
  4. Organise free webinars, workshops and live streams on topics of interest to your target audience to connect, educate, entertain and generate qualified leads.

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., we will support you on all the necessary activities to scale your business, through best practices, patented methodologies, using a holistic 3-layer framework for stunning success.

05/04/2024 15:32
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Make like Arianna and choose HUI, the only tool that helps develop your business.

 Sign up and work with HUI, you’ll get automated Gantt and reports and more than 20 apps to work with and scale your business.

 We are waiting for you on HUI

05/04/2024 15:25
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Having a clear goal for your Startup is crucial for success.

  • What’s your Exit Strategy?
  • M&A deals (Merger and Acquisition)
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Secondary Sale
  • MBO (Management and employee buyouts)
  • IPO (Initial Public Offering)

Are you still uncertain about your exit strategy? 

Contact Us to receive full support...

29/03/2024 14:39
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Make it as efficient as possible by adapting it to the modern needs of digital workers, smart workers, freelancers and receive bookings all year round!!!

Contact us...

29/03/2024 10:29
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Creation

Watch out, we have something to give for free to your startup.

If you are tired of compiling endless files and having underperforming Pitch, join in HUI, we give you Assessment and Evaluation as a gift.

Click HERE ad and pick up your gift!

22/03/2024 11:27
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Find out if you can apply and have the possibility to be introduced to one of the leading international VC fund.

 All Industries are welcome except biomedical, aerospace or deep tech

 Scroll through the carousel to discover Requirements and Benefits

 Apply now!

22/03/2024 10:48
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

 We offer customised programs to grow your startup using our best practices, methodologies and management tools.

Our connections and network of investors are international and consist of:

  • Business Angels: individual investors providing funding and support, sometimes also offering expertise and connections
  • Venture capital: funds that invest in startups and emerging projects to accelerate growth and nurture new concepts
  • Private equity: they mainly focus on established companies by acquiring significant stakes, facilitating company reorganisation and increasing their value.

 What are you looking for?Contact us...

15/03/2024 11:34
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection


Choose the parcel that best suits your needs, make a reservation, and... have fun!

Contact us to discover the hosts who have spaces in the Metaverse!

15/03/2024 10:21
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Today you can reach more visibility and have more clients thanks to HUI.

You can register in HUI for free, create your own Island and sell your services to a community of over 3.000 startups’ users.

Watch the video and write us to have more information. 

See you on HUI.
15/03/2024 09:43
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Competence

Top 5 reasons for working in a startup:

1. Every day you face new challenges, discover new passions and increase your hidden competences

2. You develop important soft skills such as: flexibility, team working, emotional intelligence, creativity

3. You discover the remote working, in most cases, and forget the formalities

4. Being part of a team of a few people also means having important responsibilities

5. Don’t just aim for a stable salary, get stock options too

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A. and become one of the 800+ stakeholders in our international community!