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HUI srl

Archipelago HUI Ocean

 Corso Umberto I, 113, Pescara, Italy


HUI srls

HUI, which in Hawaiian stands for "organization/team", is an exoskeleton that supports companies, freelancers and startups in the organization and management of their workflow. In fact, this scale-up consists in two environments:
- Hui.desk, the enterprise section, consisting of 14 apps that allow you to manage each business unit.
-, the social section, aimed at boosting engagement and new synergies between users.



Qualitative and quantitative evaluation based on Hui Model




Company financial evaluation based on HUI Model


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Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Wordpress

Competence / Guru / Illustration

Commitment / Full-time employee / HUI Art Director

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Pixel Art

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Back office commerciale

Commitment / Full-time employee / Market Unit Manager

Connection / Business developer

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Market Developer

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Product specialist in HUI

Competence / Guru / Corel Draw Graphic Suite

Competence / Guru / Photoshop/Illustrator/Premiere/XD

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Basic HTML

Competence / Guru / Branding

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Webdesign

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Digital Adv

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Social Media Marketing

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / GML Game programming

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Joomla! CMS

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Interior Design

Connection / Follower on HUI Social

Competence / Guru / DEM

Competence / Guru / Business Creation

Creation / Entrepreneur for at least 5 years / Enry’s Island

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Business Planning

Connection / Entrepreneur for more than 5 years

Competence / Guru / marketing

Commitment / CEO / Enry’s Island

Competence / Guru / Finance

Competence / Guru / ICT

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / DPO

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Employer Branding

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Market 121 Activities

Competence / Guru / SEO

Competence / Guru / SMM

Commitment / Full-time employee / Enry’s Island S.p.A.

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / HR

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Recruiting

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Talent scouting

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Organizzazione aziendale

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / UI/UX design (web, mobile)

Creation / Startup creation / BLK Global

Competence / Master/PhD / Strategic Corporate Finance

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / HR

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Strategic Planning

Commitment / CEO / BLK Global

Competence / Master/PhD / Engineering

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Customer Relationship Management

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Contract Negotiations

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Sales

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Finance

Competence / Work (over 5 years)

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Marketing

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Personal Assistant

Competence / University degree / Scienze Politiche

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Events planning

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Sales

Competence / University degree / Laurea Magistrale in Comunicazione e Marketing,

Competence / Master/PhD / Digital media Management

Commitment / Full-time employee

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Management

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Effective Communication

Connection / Contacts on Linkedin / BLK Global

Creation / Entrepreneur for less than 5 years / BLK Global

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Budgeting, accounting & financial reporting

Concept / Leaves / BLK Global

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Mentoring

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Business Growth (35% top line YoY - marine services)

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / SaaS Sales

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Developing new products/services and bring them to market (Marine Business)

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Tender Management

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / P&L Responsibility ($6m - $60m - $250m)

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Business Development

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Teamwork

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Project management

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Supply Chain Management

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Analytical

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Inspirational Leadership

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Management of Change

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Perseverance

Commitment / Full-time employee / Enry’s Island


GANTT of HUI srl:
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Widgets of HUI srl:


17/07/2024 09:18
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

HUI is pleased to announce the closing of a €25 million equity capital commitment from Nimbus Capital, a Panama-based fund. This investment will further fuel HUI’s growth as the VC 3.0 Super App, utilized by thousands of entrepreneurs, startups, and investors for its unique market features.

HUI is a unique Super App, with an impressive code base of over 1.2M lines of code, more than 20 apps covering all business functions and processes—from sales to HR, fundraising to project management, intelligence to crowdfunding—all in a single environment. It requires no coding skills to operate via API with external services, specifically designed for every stakeholder on the global VC scene,” explains Luigi Valerio Rinaldi, founder of HUI and Chairman of Enry’s Island SpA.

HUI’s data-driven approach sets it apart from aggregators like Crunchbase, DealRoom, and PitchBook. Unlike these platforms, HUI does not rely on crawlers for data. Instead, it boasts a comprehensive database and data model, with AI functionalities being developed to offer significant value in recommendations and predictions.

“The data-driven approach and upcoming blockchain and AI features set for Q3 compelled us to invest in HUI,” says Robert J. Baker, Managing Partner at Nimbus Capital. “Nimbus is dedicated to identifying future unicorns and addressing the advanced needs of the global VC landscape. HUI perfectly aligns with our vision.”

The €25 million equity commitment is part of HUI’s traction plan, following a €300k seed round and a commercial partnership with one of the more renowned international IT system integrators. With an increasing number of VC ecosystems adopting HUI, and in preparation for a listing on a European Stock Exchange, supported by a major consulting firm, HUI aims to be the world’s first listed VC 3.0 all-in-one platform.

This investment will significantly accelerate HUI’s product strategy, enhancing its use of AI, Blockchain, and 3.0 features like Metaverse and Gaming. HUI will also expand its marketing and sales activities across markets in the US, Latam, Africa, and the Far East.

The capital commitment also brings Luigi V. Rinaldi on board as a Venture Partner at Nimbus, leveraging his 20 years of VC experience to enhance Nimbus’s financial and technological leadership. 

“I am thrilled with the deep harmony and shared vision with Nimbus and its founder, Robert. This partnership will significantly impact the global VC scene,” adds Luigi Valerio Rinaldi.

12/07/2024 11:17
Activities: Product
Asset: Connection

14+ apps to all business functions and processes, from sales to HR, fundraising to project management, intelligence to crowdfunding, all in a single environment.

7+ apps to increase social engagement, messaging with other users, and use the marketplace to sell products and services.

Read what Giovanni writes about the HUI experience!

05/07/2024 11:02
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Connection

 The wrong choice can lead to conflicts, while the right choice can lead to exponential growth. In this article, we will explore various channels and strategies to find the perfect co-founder.

1. Personal and Professional Network The first step is to look within your own network. Colleagues, friends, and acquaintances can be potential co-founders. Here’s why:

  • Mutual Knowledge: You already know their skills and work style.
  • Trust: Mutual trust is fundamental for a successful partnership.

2. Networking Events and Meetups Attending networking events and meetups can be extremely effective:

3. Online Platforms There are several online platforms where you can look for co-founders like LinkedIn for example.

4. Hackathons and Competitions Participating in hackathons can help you find people to collaborate with.

5. Universities and Business Schools Universities are great places to find co-founders:

  • Collaborations with Students: Many universities have entrepreneurship centres and offer programs where students can meet co-founders.
  • University Events: Attend events and competitions organised by universities.

6. Online Communities and Forums Online forums and communities can be useful, for example Reddit.

Finding the ideal co-founder takes time and effort, but by using a combination of the strategies listed above, you will significantly increase your chances of success. You can also access in HUI e search for your co-founder with our Apps. Write us to discover more.

28/06/2024 11:07
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Say goodbye to frustration and wasted time. Our exclusive and curated list of investors is the key to unlocking your startup’s full potential 

As a founder, you know how crucial securing the right investors is to propel your startup forward. Our curated list of investor contacts gives you a competitive edge by providing direct access to some of the most reputable, supportive (and active!) investors in the industry.This is what you get: 

  • Access to a curated list of investors
  • Their LinkedIn and direct email (!)
  • Save time and effort in investor research
  • Increase your chances of securing funding for your startup
  • Gain insights into each investor’s preferences and investment focus
  • One free month of our App Fundraiser

If you’re an early-stage founder raising capital, this is a must-have! 

Register here for free and create your island. You will have your list directly in HUI 

20/06/2024 15:36
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

The Solitary Journey of a Startup Founder: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities 

Embarking on the path of a startup founder is an extraordinary adventure, full of rewards and opportunities. However, behind the excitement and innovation, there often lies a less visible but equally significant reality: loneliness.

 The Hidden Side of Entrepreneurship Being a founder means taking on immense responsibilities, making crucial decisions, and facing daily challenges that can seem insurmountable. Often, these responsibilities fall solely on the founder’s shoulders, creating a sense of isolation that can be difficult to manage.

The Pressure to Always Be at Your Best From securing funding to managing the team, every aspect of the startup depends on your leadership. The pressure to always be at your best, combined with the need to maintain a positive and motivating attitude for the team, can heighten the feeling of loneliness.

The Importance of Community Participating in networking events, joining startup communities, and getting involved with accelerators or incubators can create a supportive and collaborative environment. Don’t underestimate the power of community: a piece of advice or a word of encouragement can have a substantial impact.

 The Support Network: A Lifeline Despite everything, it’s essential to remember that you are not alone. Building a support network, consisting of mentors, other entrepreneurs, and industry professionals, can make a significant difference. Sharing experiences, challenges, and successes with those who understand your difficulties can alleviate the burden of loneliness and offer new perspectives. Using HUI, you can connect with thousands of founders like you, confronting them and maybe having new business opportunities. Register here for free

 Finding the Right Balance Finally, remember to take care of yourself. Mental and emotional well-being is crucial to your ability to successfully lead your startup. Dedicate time to activities that rejuvenate you and strive to maintain a balance between professional and personal life.

Being a startup founder is a solitary journey, but with the right support network and a strong community, you can transform this loneliness into a source of strength and resilience. Sharing your experiences can also inspire others who are facing the same challenges.

Let’s Connect and Support Each Other! 

13/06/2024 12:14
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Concept

In the current climate, investors are cautious and focus more on traction than on rapid growth when evaluating investment opportunities. 

How to get investors’ attention:  

Engage Early Adopters: identify and engage with early adopters or potential customers who resonate with your product’s value proposition. Collect feedback and testimonials from them to show that there is interest and demand for your solution. 

Focus on User Metrics: Even if you’re not generating revenue yet, track user engagement metrics such as active users, time spent on your platform, or repeat usage. Highlight any positive trends that suggest people find value in your product  

Create pre-sign ups and waitlists: If applicable, create a waitlist of subscribers who express interest in your product. This demonstrates demand and helps validate your idea and vision  

Partnerships: if you’ve established any strategic partnerships, collaborations, or alliances, highlight these in your pitch. Partnerships with established companies or organizations can lend credibility to your startup. 

Showcase Team Strength: Highlight the experience and skills of your team members. Investors are often interested in the expertise of the team driving the startup’s success. 

Market Research and Validation: Present data and insights from market research that demonstrates the market need for your solution. Include information about your target audience, their pain points, and your unique value proposition. 

Early Media Coverage or Recognition: If your startup has received positive media coverage, awards, or recognition from relevant industry bodies, include this information in your pitch. It can add credibility to your venture. 

Social Proof: If any thought leader or industry experts have shown interest in or endorsed your startup, mention it. Social proof can help build investor confidence. 

Clear Go-to-Market Strategy: Outline your plans for reaching your target audience and acquiring customers. Investors want to see that you have a plan for effectively and efficiently reaching potential users. This is particularly important at pre-revenue stage when confidence and trust are built on the team and how they built their plans.

Give your startup visibility, use HUI to manage your business and reach new investors.


07/06/2024 11:29
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Whether you’re... in your home office, co-working, or at the beach...

An integrated platform with 14 apps to manage your business and 7 apps to create engagement with the World’s top innovation players.

Read what Fabrizio tells about the HUI experience 

31/05/2024 11:10
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

We’ll give you 1 free month of HUI ( no obligation to renew) and access to the Fundraiser app where you’ll find a list of investors with certified emails for your industry.

Write us the name of your startup and your email, we take care of the rest.

We’ll create your Island and send you the link to access directly on your HUI Island to work with us!

24/05/2024 11:55
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Creation

Seeking investment for your business can be a daunting task, but finding the right investor is key to your company’s success. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the process:

  • Define Your Needs: Before beginning your search, be clear about what you need from an investor. Are you looking for financial backing, strategic guidance, or industry connections? Understanding your priorities will help you narrow down your options.
  • Research: Take the time to research potential investors thoroughly. Look for individuals or firms that have experience in your industry and a track record of successful investments. Consider reaching out to entrepreneurs in your network for recommendations.
  • Network: Networking is essential in the world of investment. Attend industry events, join networking groups, and leverage online platforms like LinkedIn to connect with potential investors. Building relationships with investors takes time, so start early and be persistent.
  • Be Prepared: When pitching to investors, be prepared to clearly articulate your business plan, financial projections, and growth strategy. Investors want to see that you have a solid understanding of your market and a clear path to success.
  • Consider Alignment: Look for investors who share your vision and values. A good investor should not only bring capital to the table but also be a strategic partner who can help you achieve your goals.

 Remember, finding the right investor is about more than just securing funding—it’s about finding a partner who can help you grow your business and achieve your long-term objectives.

17/05/2024 11:10
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Connection

Boost your team’s performance with powerful project planning & management tools

Schedule and monitor each activity

Monitor team performance with business Intelligence and reporting tools

Read what David writes about the HUI experience 

03/05/2024 12:58
Activities: Market
Asset: Commitment

Temporarily. Until you have one.

Joint Venture (JV) partnerships are one of the most neglected yet potentially game changing media strategies for your startup.

Some founders don’t know how to get started and what organisations they could reach out to.

ChatGPT can help you.

The output won’t be a comprehensive JV partnerships strategy but it can be a good starting point to start building some key relationships for the founders.

We tried several prompts and the below formula gave us the strongest results.

You are essentially asking ChatGPT to act as your VP of Partnerships and come up with a list of prospective JV partners. And why they are a potential good fit.

Prompt formula:

"You are the VP of partnerships for a startup in {your sector / industry} in the UK. The startup is building a platform to {problem you are solving for your customers / clients}. Can you please come up with a list of potential partners to reach out to to develop Joint Venture Partnerships that can help the startup generate traction and revenue but also develop strategic relationships for the business?

We need at least 10 potential partners and the reasoning why they represent a good fit for the business and what’s the strategy behind each prospective relationship. Please include an example of name of organisation for each prospect area. Thanks"

12/04/2024 11:13
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Connection

Join HUI, the cool community in Innovation.

You can use HUI like a your startup’s blog, telling about your business, about you and your amazing team.

Make new friends and build relationships with professionals and investors.

Learn more on

05/04/2024 15:32
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Make like Arianna and choose HUI, the only tool that helps develop your business.

 Sign up and work with HUI, you’ll get automated Gantt and reports and more than 20 apps to work with and scale your business.

 We are waiting for you on HUI

29/03/2024 10:29
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Creation

Watch out, we have something to give for free to your startup.

If you are tired of compiling endless files and having underperforming Pitch, join in HUI, we give you Assessment and Evaluation as a gift.

Click HERE ad and pick up your gift!

22/03/2024 11:27
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Find out if you can apply and have the possibility to be introduced to one of the leading international VC fund.

 All Industries are welcome except biomedical, aerospace or deep tech

 Scroll through the carousel to discover Requirements and Benefits

 Apply now!

15/03/2024 10:21
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Today you can reach more visibility and have more clients thanks to HUI.

You can register in HUI for free, create your own Island and sell your services to a community of over 3.000 startups’ users.

Watch the video and write us to have more information. 

See you on HUI.
16/02/2024 10:49
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Are you and your startup ready to take off with HUI?

Find the perfect investor

Store your contacts and discover new lists of investors

Launch crowdfunding campaigns

Register now, it’s free!

09/02/2024 11:06
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Are you a CEO of a Startup?

Optimize time and resources with HUI!

You will never have to switch between one tool and another again.

One single subscription, One single management panel.

Manage Data and KPIs from a single dashboard.

Register now, it’s free!

19/01/2024 15:00
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

 Work, share and earn! 

Boost your startup activities with +20 apps 

 Share your results with all users and Investors.

Earn by selling your items on our marketplace. 

Register now, it’s free!

22/12/2023 10:19
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Join the largest Community of Startups, Freelancers, Investors and the main Players of the Innovation Industry.

 Manage Your Business

 Search for Investors and launch crowdfunding campaigns for your startup

Register Now, It’s Free

18/12/2023 18:15
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Come ottimizzare il Deal Flow delle startup con HUI Se lavori con le startups e desideri massimizzare le opportunità di investimento, questo webinar è perfetto per te! Unisciti a noi per una sessione informativa su come ottimizzare il deal flow delle startup e ridurre ogni rischio di investimento.

Data e Ora: 21 Dicembre ore 12:00 Dove:

Cosa imparerai: 

- Strategie comprovate per ottimizzare il tuo deal flow. 

-  Aumentare il Success Rate delle startup del 70% -

  Migliori pratiche per creare relazioni durature con partecipate e partner

Chi dovrebbe partecipare: 

- Investitori interessati a scoprire nuove opportunità. 

- Professionisti del settore desiderosi di migliorare le loro abilità nel deal flow

Perché partecipare: Il deal flow è cruciale per il successo dei tuoi investimenti. Seguici per apprendere strumenti e strategie avanzate che ti permetteranno di ottimizzare il processo, risparmiare tempo e migliorare i tuoi investimenti!

Non vediamo l’ora di condividere idee e strategie vincenti con te!

18/12/2023 10:25
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Creation

Monitor the progress of your startup!

Track every aspect of your business via API in a single app by interactive data from external sources and operational activities.

Compare inputs with outputs!

Register now, it’s free!

03/11/2023 12:18
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

HUI has been included in Botern’s "10+ Best Business Intelligence Software & Tools for Small Businesses". 

 Sign up for your HUI trial now. It’s free and will give you access to premium HUI features for one month

Read their article


30/09/2022 11:16
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Creation

HUI - Liquid Collaboration Platform 

 Archipelagos App, the perfect solution to:  

  • effectively manage a portfolio of investee companies
  • speeding up the flow of operations
  • monitoring investee companies based on the chosen level of granularity.

 Discover HUI and speed up the flow of operations!


07/10/2022 11:06
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

HUI - Liquid Collaboration Platform

Track the performance of your team using Business Intelligence and Reporting Apps

Keep your business processes under control thanks to analytical dashboards and widgets

Give a boost to your workflow, choose HUI!

26/10/2022 11:01
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

HUI - Liquid Collaboration Platform 

Discover all the Archipelagos, create your Island and Join a new Archipelago using the form.

HUI revolutionizes the way a new business and/or startup enters the network of Investors and the best Incubators/Accelerators in the World.

Applying on HUI is easy and fast

Watch the video!


17/11/2022 10:59
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

HUI - Liquid Collaboration Platform

All-in-one platform to manage all the business functions of SMEs and startups

Designed to allow investors and incubators/accelerators to access strategic KPIs in order to evaluate and invest in startups

22/12/2022 10:57
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Connection

Are you an incubator/accelerator, VC/company builder, family office, angel syndicate?

 Vet quickly and more effectively - not on the basis of how good a pitch deck is, but on the back of real, live KPIs

 Manage your portfolio efficiently on the back of live data

 Increase your deal flow, start-ups growth rate and overall portfolio value

 Get in touch...

05/01/2023 10:54
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Use all the features for free for 30 days

 Manage your team remotely and be part of the biggest innovation community

 Showcase your company operational KPIs to global Investors

 Join the coolest Open Innovation community!

13/01/2023 10:52
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Commitment

HUI - Liquid Collaboration Platform 

Open new markets and discover new clients such as startups, incubators and accelerators, funds and family offices.

Increase your company’s profits by distributing HUI in revenue sharing, plus € 50K for each new customer

Distribute a unique product and become a "TOP Vendor" of HUI

 Contact us!


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