Ciao , sei nel profilo di Daniele Quinzii. Visualizza tutte le Isole i cui lavora, le sue attività e i suoi asset. Potrai avere inoltre una visione su tutti i i post che ha pubblicato. Tutti i dati presenti in schermata sono automatizzati e si alimentano in base alle attività che l'utente effettua su HUI (esempio ToDo ultimate, unit delle attività...)

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Daniele Quinzii

Daniele works on the following islands:

Enry’s Island SpA
ArtBay srl
4 World ltd
EI Academy
Enry’s Island Italia - PR
Enry’s Island Adventures
Enry’s Island - Sapienza
Enry’s Island FR - ITA
Clinica Nestola
Northstar Corp
Bianca - Los Angeles (CA)
Dev Test Island
Dottori commercialisti associati Zamboni
981 Ventures
BOS5 - Business Operative System
The Liquid Journal
AdValue Network
Enry’s Island UK ltd
Enry’s Island Lifescience
Coopera - EIPO
Enry’s Island - Concept
Andres’s Metaverse Lab
Liquid Place
Tretanz Infotech
Enry’s Island US LLC
Enry’s Island - Africa
Enry’s Island Ireland
Tuk & Go
Campus Roots
First Market
Enry’s Island - Investor Day Management
HUI - Alex
1840 Demo Island
Enry’s Island - Product
HUI Inc.
Trust Me Startup
Enry’s Island Africa
Enry’s Island Adventure
Enry’s Factory
I’m from Gargano
Enry’s Island - Commitment & Competence
Enry’s Island HR - Commitment & Competence
Vector Esports
Listing Project
Enry’s Island Academy
Enry’s Collection
Solace Infotech Pvt. Ltd
Investors Relations
Enry’s Island Adventures LLC

Daniele’s items:

Game Boy
12/04/2024 11:13
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Connection

Join HUI, the cool community in Innovation.

You can use HUI like a your startup’s blog, telling about your business, about you and your amazing team.

Make new friends and build relationships with professionals and investors.

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10/04/2024 14:42
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

You can grow your startup even with a limited budget and a lot of commitment and creativity.

Here some tips:

  1. Don’t be satisfied with banal posts. Create viral content that tells your story in an engaging way. Arouse curiosity and invite your audience to interact with funny memes, videos or attention-grabbing interactive content.
  2. Send interesting and non-trivial DEM (direct email marketing). Segment your audience well according to interests, behaviour and demographics and create interesting Call to Action that proposes offers and incentivises action with targeted offers.
  3. Follow current trends. Adapt your strategy in real time to current trends and events to grab more audience in a timely and relevant way.
  4. Organise free webinars, workshops and live streams on topics of interest to your target audience to connect, educate, entertain and generate qualified leads.

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., we will support you on all the necessary activities to scale your business, through best practices, patented methodologies, using a holistic 3-layer framework for stunning success.

05/04/2024 15:32
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Make like Arianna and choose HUI, the only tool that helps develop your business.

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05/04/2024 15:25
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Having a clear goal for your Startup is crucial for success.

  • What’s your Exit Strategy?
  • M&A deals (Merger and Acquisition)
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Secondary Sale
  • MBO (Management and employee buyouts)
  • IPO (Initial Public Offering)

Are you still uncertain about your exit strategy? 

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29/03/2024 14:39
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Make it as efficient as possible by adapting it to the modern needs of digital workers, smart workers, freelancers and receive bookings all year round!!!

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29/03/2024 10:29
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Creation

Watch out, we have something to give for free to your startup.

If you are tired of compiling endless files and having underperforming Pitch, join in HUI, we give you Assessment and Evaluation as a gift.

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22/03/2024 11:27
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Find out if you can apply and have the possibility to be introduced to one of the leading international VC fund.

 All Industries are welcome except biomedical, aerospace or deep tech

 Scroll through the carousel to discover Requirements and Benefits

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22/03/2024 10:48
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

 We offer customised programs to grow your startup using our best practices, methodologies and management tools.

Our connections and network of investors are international and consist of:

  • Business Angels: individual investors providing funding and support, sometimes also offering expertise and connections
  • Venture capital: funds that invest in startups and emerging projects to accelerate growth and nurture new concepts
  • Private equity: they mainly focus on established companies by acquiring significant stakes, facilitating company reorganisation and increasing their value.

 What are you looking for?Contact us...

15/03/2024 11:34
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection


Choose the parcel that best suits your needs, make a reservation, and... have fun!

Contact us to discover the hosts who have spaces in the Metaverse!

15/03/2024 10:21
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Today you can reach more visibility and have more clients thanks to HUI.

You can register in HUI for free, create your own Island and sell your services to a community of over 3.000 startups’ users.

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15/03/2024 09:43
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Competence

Top 5 reasons for working in a startup:

1. Every day you face new challenges, discover new passions and increase your hidden competences

2. You develop important soft skills such as: flexibility, team working, emotional intelligence, creativity

3. You discover the remote working, in most cases, and forget the formalities

4. Being part of a team of a few people also means having important responsibilities

5. Don’t just aim for a stable salary, get stock options too

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A. and become one of the 800+ stakeholders in our international community!

08/03/2024 10:38
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection


In Pezzolo Valle Uzzone you will find numerous enogastronomic routes that will allow you to enjoy the typical and genuine Piedmontese cuisine and to taste the many different qualities of wine.

This enchanting location is the perfect choice for working in full remote, being able to count on all the necessary commodities!

Contact us to find out more about the village’s hosts


08/03/2024 10:02
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

What is a SAFE agreement? A SAFE is a fundraising method that startups can use to raise Capital in a seed round. In exchange for cash, investors receive the right to purchase equity in future priced rounds.

How do SAFEs work? A SAFE investment lets seed-stage startups raise money without going through a valuation.

How you can do it? Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., we will support you on all the necessary activities to scale your business, through best practices, patented methodologies, using a holistic 3-layer framework for stunning success.

23/02/2024 13:00
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

You are in Pauli Arbarei, a small town in Marmilla, in south Sardinia, famous for its cultural traditions and fertile land rich in culinary products

You can go to the sea to recharge your energy after work or walk through the paths and streets of the village

Contact us to find out more about the village’s hosts

23/02/2024 12:56
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Have you already tried the so-called 3F (Family, Friends and Fools) method?

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A. and be supported by our local company Enry’s Island UK Ltd which will provide you with best practices, tools, expertise and Investors contacts in target with your startup industry!

16/02/2024 11:38
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Monte Sant’Angelo is the ’Capital of Culture 2024’ of Puglia and is located in the Gargano and is best known for the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo, a Unesco heritage site

 The Caves of San Michele Arcangelo and the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo are ideal for relaxing walks

 Contact us to find out more about the village’s hosts

16/02/2024 10:49
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

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16/02/2024 09:59
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Live in the Future, Ahead of your time.

The driving force of startups is their founder’s Commitment!

Take on important responsibilities, build strong relationships, learn from experience and acquire Competences in every business function. Use an "Hands On" Approach, don’t follow mentors only but surround yourself with professionals.

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09/02/2024 11:06
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Are you a CEO of a Startup?

Optimize time and resources with HUI!

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One single subscription, One single management panel.

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08/02/2024 17:50
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Acquire the first Competences that will enable you to increase your startup Creation and to launch your MVP.

An ideal MVP is not a car with 2 wheels, but a motorbike without a fairing.

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., the World’s First and Only Venture Builder listed on a Stock Exchange, and discover our best practices and patented methodologies which will help your Startup scale up, becoming the next Unicorn.

07/02/2024 12:54
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Matera is the city of the Sassi, the stones of Matera, a unique area that holds evidence of human settlements from the Palaeolithic to the present day. 

A unique location where you can enjoy breathtaking views, walk through the streets of the historic center after a day of work.  

Our accommodation in Matera have all the facilities to be able to work fully remotely. 

Contact us to find out more about the village’s hosts

31/01/2024 15:27
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

After identifying it, structure your idea with processes, tools and you will be ready to launch your startup and scale every step of #Creation!

 …and since you expose yourself, you have to run run run!

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., the World’s First and Only Venture Builder listed on a Stock Exchange, and discover our best practices and patented methodologies which will help your Startup scale up, becoming the next Unicorn.

25/01/2024 15:02
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Start generating the first connections and launch yourself on the market. The validation of your Concept comes from the first transaction!

How did you launch your MVP? What do you recommend?

Drop your comment below and make it count! The best comment will score an exclusive T-shirt with the meme and your response!


19/01/2024 16:13
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

This enchanting location is the perfect choice for remote work, offering all the comforts you need!

Numerous ’Eat’ and ’Fan’ attractions await you to rediscover the charm and flavour of authentic, genuine life.

Contact us to discover the hosts of the village!

19/01/2024 15:00
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

 Work, share and earn! 

Boost your startup activities with +20 apps 

 Share your results with all users and Investors.

Earn by selling your items on our marketplace. 

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19/01/2024 13:01
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Are you a talented person with an entrepreneurial mindset who wants to create a successful Startup? You’re on the right place!

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., the World’s First & Only Venture Builder Listed on a Stock Exchange.

Enry’s Island S.p.A. Venture Building Program lasts 12 months and provides:

- Operative Support (hands-on approach) on all the business units (Product, Market, Fundraising, Corporate) customized on the Startup needs

- A dedicated SaaS Platform to manage every business function of your Startup

- A dedicated environment (physical or virtual) to operate decentralized, increasing your performances

...and much more! 

Do not miss the chance to apply and be part of Enry’s Island S.p.A. Archipelago!

22/12/2023 10:19
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Join the largest Community of Startups, Freelancers, Investors and the main Players of the Innovation Industry.

 Manage Your Business

 Search for Investors and launch crowdfunding campaigns for your startup

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21/12/2023 10:36
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Connection

Enry’s Island S.p.A. is the only Venture Builder equipped with 3 layers framework (Enry’s Layers™) capable of offering an holistic approach to its partners, customers and target companies:

 Business Layer: operative best practices, patented methodologies and distributed organizational approach

 Software Layer: optimal tools and environments for managing each stage of the innovation process

 Space Layer: physical and virtual spaces designed for optimal community management of any innovation ecosystem

Unlock Your Opportunities:

20/12/2023 10:17
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Connection

The organizational models, processes and tools of Enry’s Island S.p.A. are based on the Enry’s Model™, an industrial invention patent created in 2016, filed with the IUBM, which organizes the management of Assets and Activities that contribute to the value creation (industrial and financial). 

Enry’s Model™ is validated and utilized by over 1.000 entrepreneurs, professionals and companies all over the World. It also became a handbook of business management written by our CEO, Luigi Valerio Rinaldi and published by McGraw Hill

Discover more on

You can read the Enry’s Model™ on Wikipedia as well!

Here you can find the "Enry’s Theory" book, both English and Italian version:

18/12/2023 18:15
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Come ottimizzare il Deal Flow delle startup con HUI Se lavori con le startups e desideri massimizzare le opportunità di investimento, questo webinar è perfetto per te! Unisciti a noi per una sessione informativa su come ottimizzare il deal flow delle startup e ridurre ogni rischio di investimento.

Data e Ora: 21 Dicembre ore 12:00 Dove:

Cosa imparerai: 

- Strategie comprovate per ottimizzare il tuo deal flow. 

-  Aumentare il Success Rate delle startup del 70% -

  Migliori pratiche per creare relazioni durature con partecipate e partner

Chi dovrebbe partecipare: 

- Investitori interessati a scoprire nuove opportunità. 

- Professionisti del settore desiderosi di migliorare le loro abilità nel deal flow

Perché partecipare: Il deal flow è cruciale per il successo dei tuoi investimenti. Seguici per apprendere strumenti e strategie avanzate che ti permetteranno di ottimizzare il processo, risparmiare tempo e migliorare i tuoi investimenti!

Non vediamo l’ora di condividere idee e strategie vincenti con te!