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Enry’s Island UK ltd

Archipelago Enry’s Island - Archipelago

 London, United Kingdom

Enry’s Island UK ltd is the UK-based Local Company of Enry’s Island Incubation & Acceleration Metaverse, focused on Fundraising activities provided for all the Islands of our Archipelago.



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Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Market Developer

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Product specialist in HUI

Commitment / Full-time employee / Market Unit Manager

Connection / Business developer

Connection / Follower on HUI Social

Competence / Guru / SMM

Competence / Guru / DEM

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Back office commerciale

Commitment / CEO / SmartHedge

Creation / Startup creation / BLK Global

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Business Growth (35% top line YoY - marine services)

Commitment / CEO / TheBestEquity

Competence / University degree / Business Administration

Commitment / CEO / Passion4

Capital / CF / equity

Competence / Guru / SEO

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Market 121 Activities

Connection / Entrepreneur for more than 5 years

Competence / Guru / Business Creation

Competence / Guru / marketing

Competence / Guru / ICT

Commitment / CEO / Enry’s Island

Competence / Guru / Finance

Creation / Entrepreneur for at least 5 years / Enry’s Island

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Business Planning

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Organizzazione aziendale

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / HR

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Talent scouting

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Recruiting

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / DPO

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Employer Branding

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / SaaS Sales

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Developing new products/services and bring them to market (Marine Business)

Competence / Master/PhD / Engineering

Commitment / CEO / BLK Global

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Sales

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Contract Negotiations

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Management

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Customer Relationship Management

Competence / Master/PhD / Strategic Corporate Finance

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / HR

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Account Clerk

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Concept Manager

Competence / University degree / Digital Business (Ongoing)

Commitment / Full-time employee / Enry’s Island

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Strategic Planning

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Finance

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Effective Communication

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Project management

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Budgeting, accounting & financial reporting

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Tender Management

Creation / Entrepreneur for less than 5 years / BLK Global

Connection / Contacts on Linkedin / BLK Global

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Mentoring

Concept / Leaves / BLK Global

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / P&L Responsibility ($6m - $60m - $250m)

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Inspirational Leadership

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Business Development

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Teamwork

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Supply Chain Management

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Analytical

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Management of Change

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Perseverance

Commitment / Full-time employee / Full-time

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23/03/2022 16:08
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection



Good morning


Link to the video-conference (replay) :

When global leaders and key stakeholders gathered in Glasgow for COP26 last November, many highlighted Africa’s important and growing role in the dialogue on energy and climate. The continent currently accounts for one sixth of the world’s population but it only represents 5,8% of global energy consumption. Africa’s rapidly rising population, industrialization and economic growth are driving its emergence as a key player in the world’s energy markets. To facilitate the expansion of the continent’s energy sector to provide universal access and meet demand, critical decisions will need to be taken to facilitate the necessary financing and investment in clean technologies and infrastructure. One area of enormous opportunity is renewable energy, due to Africa’s geographical position and to technological progress globally. With strong support from member countries, the IEA has ramped up its activities in Africa, and is working to support countries with their clean energy transitions. 

This event was chaired by Minister Van der Straeten from Belgium and explored how African governments, industry and multilateral organisations can work together to secure adequate investment in energy infrastructure and clean energy technologies to meet the continent’s increasing energy demand and to achieve the goal of universal energy access.

23/12/2021 15:08
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Enry’s Island, the world’s first Incubation & Acceleration Metaverse, wishes you happy holidays! 

2021 has been a great year for us, and we’re sure next year will be even brighter! 

Thanks to each of our 800+ stakeholders and all 25+ startups in our portfolio. You rock!


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Happy holidays!

06/12/2021 11:17
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

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