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Enry’s Island SpA

Archipelago Enry’s Island - Archipelago

 Traversa delle prigioni, 6, Isole Tremiti, Italy

Enry’s Island is the first Incubation & Acceleration Metaverse worldwide, with a global community of more than 800 stakeholders (entrepreneurs, investors, professionals), more than 20 startups in portfolio and opening local companies in the hottest spots of the innovation scene.
If you have a concept, and you are looking for competence and capital, land on Enry’s Island.
If you have capital, and you are looking for concepts to fund, land on Enry’s Island.
If you have competencies, and you are looking for concept to work, land on Enry’s Island.
In any other case, anyway, you’re more than welcome on Enry’s Island.


% completion of the crowdfunding campaign

Campaign Completed on 31/12/2021




INVESTED: 83.000 €





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Pre Money

16.000.000 €

Min Goal

80.000 €



Min Chip

1.000 €

Max Chip

399.999 €


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Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Project management

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Market 121 Activities

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / HR

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Organizzazione aziendale

Competence / Guru / SEO

Competence / Guru / SMM

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Market Developer

Connection / Business developer

Connection / Follower on HUI Social

Competence / Guru / DEM

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Talent scouting

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Recruiting

Competence / Guru / marketing

Competence / Guru / ICT

Competence / Guru / Finance

Commitment / CEO / Enry’s Island

Connection / Entrepreneur for more than 5 years

Competence / Guru / Business Creation

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Employer Branding

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / DPO

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Business Planning

Creation / Entrepreneur for at least 5 years / Enry’s Island

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Product specialist in HUI

Commitment / Full-time employee / Market Unit Manager

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / HR

Competence / Master/PhD / Strategic Corporate Finance

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / UI/UX design (web, mobile)

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Webdesign

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Strategic Planning

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Finance

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Concept Manager

Competence / Work (less 5 years) / Account Clerk

Competence / University degree / Digital Business (Ongoing)

Commitment / Full-time employee / Enry’s Island

Competence / Guru / Branding

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Basic HTML

Competence / Guru / Corel Draw Graphic Suite

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Pixel Art

Commitment / Free-lance / Free-lance

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Back office commerciale

Competence / Guru / Photoshop/Illustrator/Premiere/XD

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / GML Game programming

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Digital Adv

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Social Media Marketing

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Interior Design

Competence / Work (over 5 years) / Joomla! CMS

Commitment / Full-time employee / Full-time


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WHAT'S UP ON Enry’s Island SpA

23/02/2024 12:56
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

Have you already tried the so-called 3F (Family, Friends and Fools) method?

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A. and be supported by our local company Enry’s Island UK Ltd which will provide you with best practices, tools, expertise and Investors contacts in target with your startup industry!

16/02/2024 09:59
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Live in the Future, Ahead of your time.

The driving force of startups is their founder’s Commitment!

Take on important responsibilities, build strong relationships, learn from experience and acquire Competences in every business function. Use an "Hands On" Approach, don’t follow mentors only but surround yourself with professionals.

Join our community:

08/02/2024 17:50
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Acquire the first Competences that will enable you to increase your startup Creation and to launch your MVP.

An ideal MVP is not a car with 2 wheels, but a motorbike without a fairing.

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., the World’s First and Only Venture Builder listed on a Stock Exchange, and discover our best practices and patented methodologies which will help your Startup scale up, becoming the next Unicorn.

31/01/2024 15:27
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

After identifying it, structure your idea with processes, tools and you will be ready to launch your startup and scale every step of #Creation!

 …and since you expose yourself, you have to run run run!

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., the World’s First and Only Venture Builder listed on a Stock Exchange, and discover our best practices and patented methodologies which will help your Startup scale up, becoming the next Unicorn.

25/01/2024 15:02
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Start generating the first connections and launch yourself on the market. The validation of your Concept comes from the first transaction!

How did you launch your MVP? What do you recommend?

Drop your comment below and make it count! The best comment will score an exclusive T-shirt with the meme and your response!


19/01/2024 13:01
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Are you a talented person with an entrepreneurial mindset who wants to create a successful Startup? You’re on the right place!

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., the World’s First & Only Venture Builder Listed on a Stock Exchange.

Enry’s Island S.p.A. Venture Building Program lasts 12 months and provides:

- Operative Support (hands-on approach) on all the business units (Product, Market, Fundraising, Corporate) customized on the Startup needs

- A dedicated SaaS Platform to manage every business function of your Startup

- A dedicated environment (physical or virtual) to operate decentralized, increasing your performances

...and much more! 

Do not miss the chance to apply and be part of Enry’s Island S.p.A. Archipelago!

21/12/2023 10:36
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Connection

Enry’s Island S.p.A. is the only Venture Builder equipped with 3 layers framework (Enry’s Layers™) capable of offering an holistic approach to its partners, customers and target companies:

 Business Layer: operative best practices, patented methodologies and distributed organizational approach

 Software Layer: optimal tools and environments for managing each stage of the innovation process

 Space Layer: physical and virtual spaces designed for optimal community management of any innovation ecosystem

Unlock Your Opportunities:

20/12/2023 10:17
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Connection

The organizational models, processes and tools of Enry’s Island S.p.A. are based on the Enry’s Model™, an industrial invention patent created in 2016, filed with the IUBM, which organizes the management of Assets and Activities that contribute to the value creation (industrial and financial). 

Enry’s Model™ is validated and utilized by over 1.000 entrepreneurs, professionals and companies all over the World. It also became a handbook of business management written by our CEO, Luigi Valerio Rinaldi and published by McGraw Hill

Discover more on

You can read the Enry’s Model™ on Wikipedia as well!

Here you can find the "Enry’s Theory" book, both English and Italian version:

28/11/2023 10:41
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Enry’s Island S.p.A. is one of the 2023 winners of Private Equity and Venture Capital Awards at Wealth & Finance International.

Enry’s Island S.p.A. has been awarded "Most Innovative Venture Capital Builder 2023 - Italy" and "Best Raw Materials & Commodities Investment 2023: Enry’s Island S.p.A. / BLK Ltd"."

"We are very excited about these additional recognitions", says Luigi Valerio Rinaldi, Chairman and CEO of Enry’s Island S.p.A. "The listing on the Wiener Börse that made us the first and only Venture Builder in the world listed on the Stock Exchange, the confirmation at 1st place in Italy, the climb to 2nd place in Europe and 7th in the world in Crunchbase’s Ranking (10/23) make 2023 a remarkable year for Enry’s Island S.p.A and its entire ecosystem.”

 Gabriele Dadò, CEO of BLK: “I am very proud to be part of the Enry’s Island S.p.A. Ecosystem. As an investor, Enry’s Island S.p.A. supported BLK with its scaling and next level growth, not only with serious management expertise, but also with best practices, processes and tools that allowed us to see triple-digit growth rates.”

27/10/2023 10:03
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Creation

For the third consecutive year, Enry’s Island S.p.A. is still in 1st position in Italy in the Crunchbase ranking (10/23).

Our journey continues to elevate! We’ve surged 4 places to become the 2nd in Europe.

And the most remarkable achievement of all… we’ve ascended 41 places in the global ranking, now standing at the 7th position. We’ve officially broken into the top 10 in the World!

This incredible goal is the evidence of the hard work made by over 800 stakeholders across the globe, the dedication of our 30 portfolio startups and the performance of our 5 Local Companies.

22/09/2023 10:23
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Connection

Join the Enry’s Island S.p.A. Community, made up of +800 Innovators consisting of Investors, Startup Founders, Employees, Partners & Consultants

Meet them in our Physical and Virtual Spots powered by Rinascimento 5 and get in touch with them through

Be the next!



15/09/2023 10:51
Activities: Market
Asset: Concept

Does your startup operate in the Web 3.0 Industry?

Join Enry’s Island S.p.A., the World’s First & Only Venture Builder Listed on a Stock Exchange.

 Enry’s Island S.p.A. Venture Building Programs lasts 12 months providing operative support (hands-on approach) on all the business units (Product, Market, Fundraising, Corporate) customized on the startup needs.

Do not miss the chance to apply and be part of Enry’s Island S.p.A. Archipelago!

28/07/2023 09:55
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

“We are really proud of this incredible milestone” says Luigi Valerio Rinaldi, Chairman & CEO of Enry’s Island, “made possible thanks to the trust of internationally qualified operators, such as PwC Austria, supporting us in the Financial Due Diligence and Valuation phase, to successfully finalise the listing process on the Vienna Stock Exchange"

Read the Press Release on Business Wire

 Read the article on VentureBeat

Read the article on Yahoo Finance

Join us

24/07/2023 12:36
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

 Choose Enry’s Island S.p.A. as your partner for Open Innovation! 

Enry’s Island S.p.A. is the World’s Only Venture Builder to be listed on a Stock Exchange, it boasts +20 of authoritative presence in the Venture Capital Industry, leading the latest and most innovative trends: Metaverse, Blockchain, Gaming, Artificial Intelligence

Enry’s Island S.p.A. is the only Open Innovation company equipped with a “3 Layer” framework capable of offering an holistic approach to its partners, customers and target companies:

Business Layer: Operative Best Practices, Patented Methodologies and Distributed Organizational Approach 

Software Layer: Optimal tools and environments for managing each stage of the innovation process 

Space Layer: Physical and virtual spaces designed for optimal community management of any innovation ecosystem

Contact us:

17/07/2023 09:29
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Enry’s Island S.p.A. Benefit Company - Venture Builder 3.0

Land in the new website and join our ecosystem

04/05/2023 11:28
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

"No! Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try" EnrYoda


08/07/2022 15:51
Activities: Corporate
Asset: Creation

 Enry’s Island, Incubation & Acceleration Metaverse, is confirmed as 1st Italian incubator and accelerator and 6th in Europe according to the Crunchbase ranking (July 22).

We gain 13 positions in the world rankings, placing us at the 48th position.

 Luigi Valerio Rinaldi, CEO of Enry’s Island, says: "We are proud of this Crunchbase rank, an international reference in the global startup and VC scene, which confirms the traction of Enry’s Island S.p.A. as the the first Incubation and Acceleration Metaverse, leader in the Web3 industry"

14/01/2022 17:56
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Enry’s Theory is on Investire Today! In the Economy Group digital newspaper, you will find the business management handbook written by our CEO, Luigi V. Rinaldi

The manual is available on Amazon and in major bookstores, what are you waiting for? Do not miss theoretical reflections and practical examples to take your business to the next level!

11/01/2022 17:10
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Thanks to Emil Abirascid for including "Enry’s Theory" among the recommended readings for business management.     

This manual, written by our CEO Luigi Valerio Rinaldi, offers practical advice and theoretical reflections to help entrepreneurs, and wannabe entrepreneurs, successfully surf the waves of the liquid economy!


17/12/2021 18:05
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

We made history - The first investor day in the Metaverse was held last week!

And this is only the beginning! Enry’s Island has been planning to launch its Metaverse from 2018, with its evolution "from Platform to Metaverse"

Find out more:


24/11/2021 17:00
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Another award, another startup in Enry’s Island portfolio 

This time the winner is, awarded by Green Hill Advisory as "Naming Prize Innovalley 4 StartCup"! 

Another great achievement for this startup! 

Find out more HERE

19/11/2021 18:28
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

A great achievement for BLK, a startup in our portfolio, yesterday guest at the Trade Review Asia 2021

Congrats again to Gabriele Dado, CEO of BLK!

Find out more HERE

12/11/2021 18:27
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Don’t miss this interesting interview with our CEO, Luigi Valerio Rinaldi V. Rinaldi, broadcast on Class CNBC

Learn more about "Enry’s Theory. Theory, Models and Methods for Doing Business in the Liquid Economy", a book written by our CEO and published by McGraw Hill 

 Discover the method behind our dizzying growth that has allowed us to become the first Incubation and Acceleration Metaverse in the world

We are waiting for you at min 30 of the following video

05/11/2021 18:31
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Enry’s thrilled to announce that FoxRent, a startup we incubated, is in Open Beta!

Through this platform, it is possible to rent vehicles, including commercial ones, throughout Italy

Proud of the whole team!


Nessuna descrizione alternativa per questa immagine
29/10/2021 17:41
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Hurray! WasteBox has been awarded the title of Best B2B Waste Management Platform - Italy 

The awards are organized by BUILD Magazine to give visibility and recognition to the best startups that are revolutionizing the world of waste management

Congrats to the whole team!

28/10/2021 16:17
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Good luck, Confidence! 

This startup, in the Enry’s Island portfolio, is among the finalists for the National Award Campioni di InnovAzioni 2021!  

A competition in which innovative solutions are awarded- just like Confidence, which put the world of online research at the service of investments for the crypto economy  

To support it, let’s "Like" this post on InnovAzioni Facebook page

29/07/2021 13:28
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Congratulations to Luxalia, nominated by as one of the best startups revolutionizing the e-commerce sector!    

Another success for this B2B Marketplace, in the Enry’s Island portfolio, which allows Made in Italy fashion companies to enter international markets!

11/10/2021 13:25
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

 Congratulations to the entire BLK team for being nominated for the SMEFinanceAwards 2021!  

Another great achievement for this Commodities Marketplace, in our portfolio, which allows SMEs to reduce their costs, by sourcing directly from producers, and become more competitive on international markets

06/10/2021 13:22
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Enry’s Island, Piattaforma Distribuita Internazionale di Incubazione & Accelerazione di Business, con oltre 20 anni di successi, nonché primo Incubatore e Acceleratore italiano secondo Crunchbase, amplia il suo arcipelago con un verticale dedicato al settore Health: Lifescience.

Oltre 1 Miliardo di persone al mondo soffrono di una o più malattie con alta incidenza epidemiologica e con un alto indice di ricaduta, quali Dermatite atopica, Psoriasi, Acne, Parodontite e Herpes. Non solo, un recente rapporto delle Nazioni Unite ha stimato che il tasso di denutrizione mondiale sia salito in maniera preoccupante e rappresenta oggi circa un decimo della popolazione totale. Osservando lo stato di salute globale è possibile notare come malattie infettive quali febbre gialla, ebola, tubercolosi, malaria, HIV, colera colpiscono ancora Africa, Asia e Sud America; mentre nei Paesi più sviluppati l’inquinamento dell’aria e fumo sono le cause principali della Broncopneumopatia cronica ostruttiva, al terzo posto come causa di mortalità nel mondo. La ricerca nel campo dell’immunologia offre importanti ed innovative soluzioni per il trattamento e guarigione di queste malattie di massa.

Forse mai come nell’ultimo anno e mezzo abbiamo riscoperto il reale valore della parola Salute. Se da un lato la nostra lotta contro malattie e malnutrizione sembra impari, dall’altro occorre ricordare che la ricerca scientifica e la creatività umana corrono più veloci” afferma Luigi V. Rinaldi, CEO di Enry’s Island. “Ed è proprio da questo che nasce Enry’s Island Lifescience, nasce con l’obiettivo di rendere la ricerca scientifica e la creatività vicina alla comunità, contribuendo a migliorare il benessere. La sfida è identificare il concept e aggiungere valore con il nostro innovativo modello gestionale, e così sviluppare con successo le opportunità di business”.

Scienza e ricerca per trasformare, per costruire un mondo migliore. Questo il concetto cardine di Enry’s Island Lifescience che eredita e rende proprie le best practice consolidate dall’Incubatore e Acceleratore di business, che conta di oltre 20 anni di innovazione e di un track record di oltre 100 società incubate ed accelerate. Per questo, anche il nuovo verticale sul settore Health segue l’Enry’s Model™, modello di gestione di business oggetto di pubblicazione McGrow Hill, integrando tutte le funzioni aziendali (prodotto, mercato, fundraising, corporate).

Bisogna pensare oltre lo spazio e il tempo vicino a noi, pensare di lasciare un mondo migliore che poggi su innovazioni sociali, ambientali ed etiche in grado di aggiungere valore alla comunità” commenta Luigi V. Rinaldi Risalendo alla definizione di Salute proposta dall’OMS è chiaro come questa sia un concetto olistico, uno stato di benessere completo, che abbraccia e ingloba aspetti fisici, mentali, emozionali e spirituali. Bisogna quindi conoscere e padroneggiare il tangibile quanto l’intangibile, perché la vita è fatta di entrambi

In linea con la vision di Enry’s Island Lifescience, vi è la company in portafoglio Clizia&Co, la quale si propone sul Mercato Farmaceutico Internazionale come pioniera in ricerca e sviluppo di prodotti atti a migliorare la salute con un attuale valore finanziario pari a €189 milioni. Nello specifico, Clizia&Co si avvale della collaborazione scientifica con Ricercatori, Farmacologi e Biologi per mettere a punto prodotti utilizzano elementi e principi di origine naturale in grado di riequilibrare le alterazioni del metabolismo cellulare. Tali prodotti, frutto di anni ricerca e supportati dalle più recenti tecnologie, si pongono come alternativa alle terapie convenzionali poco efficienti nel trattamento di malattie di “massa” con alta incidenza epidemiologica e alta recidiva. I principi attivi che caratterizzano i preparati di Clizia&Co agiscono sui meccanismi del sistema immunitario per avviare l’autoguarigione delle malattie bersaglio, con la stessa azione immunomodulante ad oggi usata solo in ambito ospedaliero per il trattamento di patologie gravi come leucemia, cancro.

25/09/2021 13:21
Activities: Market
Asset: Connection

Congratulazioni al team di WasteBox, nominata dal magazine internazionale BUILD Magazine e tra i finalisti dei prestigiosi Recycling & Waste Management Awards

Siamo fieri che questa startup innovativa, in portfolio Enry’s Island, sia stata eletta tra i principali pionieri dell’industria recycling & waste management nel 2021.

Keep rock!