07/06/2021 19:26
Activities: Fundraising
Asset: Capital

BLK Live Metrics - June 2021

Key  (Live)  Metrics



Consuntivo (ITA) = Total (EN)

Overall activities, milestones, to-dos and open projects


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Sales Dashboard (current month)
Opportunities by status




Consuntivo (ITA) = Total (EN)

PE (CVC) = Private Equity (Corporate Venture Capital)

PE (BA) = Private Equity (Business Angels)

PF = Public Funds

PE (Family Office) = Private Equity - Family Offices

PE (VC) = Private Equity (Venture Capital)


Fundraising opportunities by channel

Activity Assessment 

Consuntivo (ITA) = Total (EN)

Assessment of the ongoing activities under the business units: PRODUCT, MARKET, FUNDRAISING and CORPORATE

PR & Media Coverage 

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